I hope the slugs don’t get him!

Take a look at some more of my Ragged Radishes pics on Flickr.

Couple of cute little pickings I made accidentally whilst weeding…whoops. They made lovely mini veg though!

I’ve just not had chance to post recently, but I thought someone out there might like to see how I’m getting on. Pretty well is the answer! 🙂

Although the plot suffers from the drought caused by having a huge sycamore right next to it, I’m faring well all in all. My sweetcorn’s taken, spuds are running away, the courgettes are flowering and my aubergines…well they’ve not keeled over just yet!

Plus, I now have a little pond to help create my own mini eco-system.

…recap of the last few weeks coming soon, in the meantime spot the differences between the last panorama and this one!

I’ve just been browsing the web for a greenhouse instruction manual that might help me reassemble the greenhouse I won on Ebay earlier this week and found this site:

It’s got a list of lots of different sizes and and makes of greenhouse, plus some tips on preparing a base for your greenhouse. Might be handy for someone out there.

It may not look like it, but I’ve made excellent progress this weekend.
– 6ft x 6ft raised bed built from scratch
– strawberries planted out in one of my mini beds
– sweet peas and sugar snaps planted out – complete with wigwams
– raspberry supports errected
– 3 gooseberries planted out (thanks Jon)
– shed tarted up with various places to hang things

I think I’ve got a problem…can you be addicted to allotment gardening? 🙂

I ran out of labels this afternoon whilst potting on some broccoli seedlings and then I had a nifty little idea…
– Just take an old yoghurt pot
– Cut down the pot so you have lots of strips around about 1cm each

– Then trim the strips from the base of the pot
– Make sure they’re dry, then use a permanent marker to write with

A quick snap to show my progress as of Jan 07 (meant to post this a while back!). The top shot shows the site when we took it on at the end of Oct 06. The bottom one is looking across the plot and gives you a feel for the progress we’ve made.

The back of the plot is still quite a state – it’s kind of banked up and to be honest it’s just full of burnt chair-legs(!), rusty nails and couch grass. Not ideal I grant you, but we’ll get there.

Weather permitting, this weekend I’ll try and get a picture of the site as it is now. But it might be under a foot of snow…

Just pottering this morning and noticed that the raspberries I inherited with my allotment are starting to bud. I’m pretty chuffed as when I took on the site they were in sorry state and took some serious hacking to get them into shape. Oh the joys of spring!!

Not a massive amount of progress over the last few weeks, but at least I’ve got myself a few barrows of manure on the plot thanks to Mark and his mum and dad (and Moo!). It needs it as much help as it can get as it must have been a good few years since it was last used to grow any prize-winning veg 😉

mark, mike, manure

We’ve also started to prune some of the willow trees that block the sun and drain the moisture from the soil. We should be able to hack away at them over the next couple of weeks. I’ll post a couple of pics when we’re all done.

Also in the paper this weekend I spotted that the Guardian has started as allotment blog of its own – take a look here:

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