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…and I did! Ok, ok, it’s been months since I last posted, but I have a decent excuse and this is it – or her rather! Meet little Lottie, my 10 month old daughter who’s already been introduced to the joys of gardening. Hopefully she’ll be able to help me with the digging and planting (well maybe some light weeding at first). Anyway the plot’s been dug so roll on the 2009 growing season.


Another mini harvest tonight – this time of my red shallots that have got away from me slightly, though to be honest I wasn’t sure when to dig them up. I also took quite a few pictures of the other things that are growing in my garden…*obsessed*

The only thing I’m avoiding doing is weeding…maybe I’ll get the dog on that one… “Midge!”…

Found lurking behind the broccoli! I did plant him, I just hadn’t expected him to get so big so quickly.

“not more weeding”, she barked 🙂

My first potatoes…they made a lovely sunday lunch!

Fresh and sweet – I present my first peas! These are a variety called “Kelvendon Wonder” and they’re lovely.

I hope the slugs don’t get him!

Take a look at some more of my Ragged Radishes pics on Flickr.

Couple of cute little pickings I made accidentally whilst weeding…whoops. They made lovely mini veg though!

I’ve just not had chance to post recently, but I thought someone out there might like to see how I’m getting on. Pretty well is the answer! 🙂

Although the plot suffers from the drought caused by having a huge sycamore right next to it, I’m faring well all in all. My sweetcorn’s taken, spuds are running away, the courgettes are flowering and my aubergines…well they’ve not keeled over just yet!

Plus, I now have a little pond to help create my own mini eco-system.

…recap of the last few weeks coming soon, in the meantime spot the differences between the last panorama and this one!

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