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…and I did! Ok, ok, it’s been months since I last posted, but I have a decent excuse and this is it – or her rather! Meet little Lottie, my 10 month old daughter who’s already been introduced to the joys of gardening. Hopefully she’ll be able to help me with the digging and planting (well maybe some light weeding at first). Anyway the plot’s been dug so roll on the 2009 growing season.


Another mini harvest tonight – this time of my red shallots that have got away from me slightly, though to be honest I wasn’t sure when to dig them up. I also took quite a few pictures of the other things that are growing in my garden…*obsessed*

The only thing I’m avoiding doing is weeding…maybe I’ll get the dog on that one… “Midge!”…

“not more weeding”, she barked 🙂

My first potatoes…they made a lovely sunday lunch!

Fresh and sweet – I present my first peas! These are a variety called “Kelvendon Wonder” and they’re lovely.

I hope the slugs don’t get him!

Take a look at some more of my Ragged Radishes pics on Flickr.

A fair bit of progress since my last panorama taken 21 Oct 06…

allotment panorama

Some early starters for 2007 ready for the cold frame – from herbs and strawberries to caulis and annuals.

Well, who couldn’t it’s fab! So it arrived on Monday and I’ve already started to deck it out with a variety of shelves, shovels and storage – I just shouldn’t be let loose in Ikea on my own. It’s going to be great place to keep all my gardening paraphernalia, but the best thing…Midge seems to like it!

I’m getting there. Although it doesn’t look like it I’ve made quite a lot of progress in the last month. I’ve only been able to work at the weekends, but with a little help from my motley crew I’ve laid the foundations for my shed, cut down 4 trees, trimmed back the raspberries, burnt last year’s old wood and dug the main growing area. Still lots to be done though!

every gardener needs a moo

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Ragged Radishes is the garden allotment blog of Lucy Crosbie (that's me). As a novice allotment owner, I took on plot no. 27 at the Burras Lane site in Otley, West Yorkshire in Oct 2006. I've now moved to a lovely house with a large garden in Knaresborough.

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