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Not completely finalized, but this is my allotment planting plan for 2009. I’ve rotated the beds from last year so hopefully that should work in my favour. I’m also going to try making some willow branch wigwams soon to grow my peas and beans over. I’ve got a large willow tree looming over my plot and pinching all the light so I think some serious pruning is in order.

Plus I’ve starting some indoor sowing and after a beautiful day today, it finally feels like spring has really sprung. I can’t wait to get going!



Nice article by Dan Pearson in this week’s Observer magazine on what to grow on your allotment this year.

Dan Pearson - Got to pick a packet or two

Dan Pearson - Got to pick a packet or two

I think I might take his advice on the french beans this time round as the dwarf variety I grew last year were buckling under their own weight midway through the season:

Not a massive amount of progress over the last few weeks, but at least I’ve got myself a few barrows of manure on the plot thanks to Mark and his mum and dad (and Moo!). It needs it as much help as it can get as it must have been a good few years since it was last used to grow any prize-winning veg 😉

mark, mike, manure

We’ve also started to prune some of the willow trees that block the sun and drain the moisture from the soil. We should be able to hack away at them over the next couple of weeks. I’ll post a couple of pics when we’re all done.

Also in the paper this weekend I spotted that the Guardian has started as allotment blog of its own – take a look here:

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