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I ran out of labels this afternoon whilst potting on some broccoli seedlings and then I had a nifty little idea…
– Just take an old yoghurt pot
– Cut down the pot so you have lots of strips around about 1cm each

– Then trim the strips from the base of the pot
– Make sure they’re dry, then use a permanent marker to write with


A quick snap to show my progress as of Jan 07 (meant to post this a while back!). The top shot shows the site when we took it on at the end of Oct 06. The bottom one is looking across the plot and gives you a feel for the progress we’ve made.

The back of the plot is still quite a state – it’s kind of banked up and to be honest it’s just full of burnt chair-legs(!), rusty nails and couch grass. Not ideal I grant you, but we’ll get there.

Weather permitting, this weekend I’ll try and get a picture of the site as it is now. But it might be under a foot of snow…

Just pottering this morning and noticed that the raspberries I inherited with my allotment are starting to bud. I’m pretty chuffed as when I took on the site they were in sorry state and took some serious hacking to get them into shape. Oh the joys of spring!!

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