Midge watches on while I get to grips with heaps of manure! Well at least I’m having fun (I think) 😉

But all in all good progress this weekend. I’ve found a good source of manure from a nearby stables which I’ve begun to dig in to the main plot. I’ve also started a ‘hotbed’, planted out my Rhubarb (Victoria) and whilst I was planted it discovered another one already well on its way.

I’ve started watching a TV programme called ‘Grow Your Own Veg‘ that’s just begun on Friday at 8:30pm on BBC2 which should come in handy. Plus Sue (Mark’s mum) dug out an article from the paper that had some good tips and also had an offer to get a free veg starter pack open to the first 1,000 registrants at www.rhs.org.uk/vegetables/