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I started some carrot and onion seeds a couple of weeks back in my coldframe to see if I could get a head start on 2007. They’ve just begun to germinate over the last few days – going to keep an eye on these little guys across the season – although I’m not expecting prize winners…


I’ve drawn a quick sketch of my thinking for the alloment planting in 2007.

Allotment plan

In addition to the main plot that I plan to divide into 3 rectangular beds:


I’ve also got 3 square wooden planters that I was kindy given by one of my allotment neighbours, Edie. I’m planning to use these as separate raised beds that will sit in the areas of the plot where the soil isn’t as good. These will hold leeks and onions, potatoes, and strawberries.

Well, that’s he the plan anyways!

Well, who couldn’t it’s fab! So it arrived on Monday and I’ve already started to deck it out with a variety of shelves, shovels and storage – I just shouldn’t be let loose in Ikea on my own. It’s going to be great place to keep all my gardening paraphernalia, but the best thing…Midge seems to like it!

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