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My lovely new shed is on it’s way tomorrow so I wanted to capture the site prior to installment of the shed. Friends and relatives have been so interested in the allotment I feel like a should have some kind of “shed launch” or a grand unveiling. Maybe Midge could do the honours – all I need are sissors and a pink bow!


To keep track on the crops I’m planning to grow and the various sowing times I’ve created myself a list. I’m going pop back and update this when I finalise the plan:

  • Basil Sweet Genoese: Mar – May
  • Beetroot Boltardy: Spring – Early Summer
  • Butternut Squash Pilgrim: Mar – April
  • Butternut Squash Barbara: Mar – April
  • Calabrese Marathon: March – Jun
  • Climbing Bean Fasold: April – Jul
  • Courgette De Nice a Fruit Rond: Spring
  • Courgette Defender: April – May
  • Cucumber Futura: Feb – May
  • Lettuce Flamenco: Mar – Jul
  • Parsley Lisette: April – Aug
  • Pepper Apple: Mar – April
  • Salad leaves Niche (mixed): Mar – Sep
  • Tomato Black Cherry: Feb – April
  • Tomato Ferline: Mar – April

I’m getting there. Although it doesn’t look like it I’ve made quite a lot of progress in the last month. I’ve only been able to work at the weekends, but with a little help from my motley crew I’ve laid the foundations for my shed, cut down 4 trees, trimmed back the raspberries, burnt last year’s old wood and dug the main growing area. Still lots to be done though!

every gardener needs a moo

Thought it might be useful to link to start with a grid to plan out my allotment. Quick Google brought back a handy grid generator:

Here’s a PDF to get started:
grid pdf

Lots done today:
*checked out the shed situation, turns out Woodlands Sheds in Horsforth don’t deliver to allotments. They’re going to let me know next week if they’re going to make an exception…otherwise it’s Homebase and a hammer!
*burnt all the dead wood and some of the twigs and leaves that have been hanging around since the last occupant tended the site
*finally laid the foundations for the shed – enough sand this time round
*cleared the conifers to the far end of the plot to die down so we can burn them later in the year
*met my neighbour Matthew
*best of all…started to dig over the main plot. Soil looks ok, but bags of manure wouldn’t go amiss!

Here’s a few more pics from today…

Latest view of the site. Really opened things up now I’ve taken down the 3 conifers on the right hand side and the other sapling that was living behind the raspberries. I’ve also had a good hack at the raspberries – just keeping the new growth for next year.

The big pile in the middle is steadily growing…good job it’s bonfire night soon!

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