I was going to do lots of research on the right things to grow but I got carried away and have ordered a bunch of seeds to get me started, no doubt there will be a number of other frenzied seed buying stints, but for now here’s my list:

  • Calabrese ‘Marathon’ F1 (Brocolli)
    “The commercial best-seller – producing large heads on sturdy stems. Can be sown and harvested successionally over a very long period.”
  • Cucumber ‘Futura’ F1
    “An all female variety which has good resistance to powdery mildew. Heavy cropping, slim long fruits.”
  • Lettuce ‘Flamenco’
    “This delicious improved red oakleaf will add colour and flavour to salads. Resistant to mildew and is slow to bolt.” – which is handy!
  • Pepper (Capsicum) ‘Pepper Apple
    “Mild and juicy, almost apple-like flavour and distinctive top shape. Quick to mature in variable weather conditions, you can pick green or, if you can wait approx. 3 weeks when red.”
  • Squash ‘Pilgrim Butternut’ F1
    “A selection of the ever popular Butternut family with a less vigorous vine habit. It exhibits outstanding resistance to cracking and has long storage ability. Good sweet orange flesh (Semi-bush type).”
  • Squash, Butternut ‘Barbara’ F1
    “Attractive high quality ‘butternut’ variety, with a unique green and orange stripy pattern o the outer skin. The interior flesh is sweet and an intense orange, which is high in beto-carotene. Stores well if kept in a frost-free room after harvest.”
  • Basil ‘Sweet Genovese’
    “This is an aromatic herb which has many culinary uses, particularly popular in Mediterranean dishes.”